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Hidden Influences on Health and Healing
5 Sources of Health Imbalances

Health problems often arise from imbalances that are allowed to enter and/or exist in the body. Look for these hidden and not-so-obvious sources that could have led to your current physical imbalance, or that are leading you towards one in the future:

Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

Toxic thoughts, beliefs, judgments, grudges, envy, and/or general state of mind and emotion. These can effect specific areas of the body where you "hold" these energies, and the effects can radiate out to the whole body, as well.

Stress on Your Mind and in Your Body

Stress or stressful thoughts. Although stress exists only in your mind, it can have a devastating affect on your body.

Others' Negativity

Negative energies from other people, including hatred, aggression, hostility, jealousy, and psychic attack.

Eating Detrimental Substances

A diet full of foods that "bring your body down," such as foods you are sensitive to or that include additives or other ingredients that interfere with good digestion, require the body to do extra processing, don't contain good nutrients to begin with, or alter your body chemistry in a way that alters your frame of mind (depression, fatigue, etc.).

Breathing Detrimental Substances

Chemicals that "bring your body down," such as smoke, exhaust, cleaners and solvents, other toxic chemicals, and substances you're sensitive to.

Consider EVERYTHING that enters your body - everything in your food, water, air, thoughts, etc. - and ask, "Does this serve to IMPROVE my health?" If not, consider what changes you can make that would serve your body better.


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