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Romantic Soulmates
How to Recognize Yours

Recognizing your romantic soulmate: this can be a tricky matter. Let's take a look at some reasons why, and then some helpful tips for knowing your romantic soulmate when you see them.

Why You Might Not Recognize Your Soulmate

We don't always know immediately - or are meant to know immediately - that a person is a romantic soulmate of ours. That could be because we aren't paying attention, or because if we knew then we wouldn't be open to the idea, or because it's not time for us to be involved with them romantically yet (such as if you're in a relationship already).

Signs of a Romantic Soulmate Connection

The experiencing of meeting and knowing a soulmate are different for each person. There are no absolute signs or guarantees, here are some of the signs you might want to pay attention to:

  • The person feels familiar even though you've never met them before.

  • A feeling that you've known the person a long time when you haven't.

  • Events seem to be bringing you together.

  • You feel a chemistry or "electricity" with the person.

  • You sense there's a purpose for you together.

  • You feel a deep connection with the person, where you know you can trust them, and you see each other for what you are.

Tips for Recognizing Your Soulmate

You can improve your chances of recognizing your soulmate when you first interact with them by doing the following:

  • Ask Spirit for assistance in drawing you together with your romantic soulmate, and in recognizing them - in keeping with the Highest Good of all concerned.

  • Release expectations for any certain "physical type" or "personality type." This doesn't mean you shouldn't have intentions for a person who cares about you, respects you, etc. (you should!). But it does mean that if you're expecting the person to be tall or short, blond haired or dark haired, to be a certain age, do a certain kind of work, have a lot of money, or to be thin or voluptuous - you may miss your soulmate altogether. We do NOT get to choose our romantic soulmates. We can choose not to be with them, but then we may or may not find another one. (But keep in mind that if a person disrespects you, is dishonest, or abuses you emotionally, mentally, or physically, they were not your soulmate to begin with.)

  • Be open minded and open hearted, while at the same time using your mind to be cautious and look for "red flags" (disrespect, dishonesty, etc.).

  • Keep in mind that if you feel a soulmate-like connection with someone, they may be a "romantic soulmate" or another kind of soulmate. For more information, see What is A Soulmate, Really?.


What is A Soulmate, Really?

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