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Improve Your Psychic Abilities

1. Center in Spirit

Do a centering process in which you sit or lay down in a comfortable place, close your eyes, and ask for Divine Spirit's presence with you.

2. Deep Breathing

Take a minute or two and do some deep breathing. With each inhalation, visualize breathing in white light - letting it fill you and reach beyond you, connecting you with Divine Spirit. With each exhalation breathe out all that you do not need.

3. Focus on Your Question

With eyes still closed, think about the question or topic you want intuitive insight about. Next, let it go - see it leaving your consciousness and going off to Divine Spirit. Say, "I open to insight that is for the Highest Good of all concerned.

4. Occupy Yourself

Next, get up and do an activity that occupies your body, but not your mind - like taking a shower, doing housework, going for a walk, etc. Enjoy doing whatever you're doing and just allow your mind to wander - don't focus your mind on any particular topic.

5. Observe Your Thoughts

Just observe what thoughts come into your mind without judgment and without any conclusions about them. Let them flow in and out of your mind as they will, one after the other - at their own pace. Write down any thoughts that seem like they would be useful to consider later - but don't analyze them yet. After you are done with the activity, go back over your list and consider which thoughts or insights are worthwhile to consider further, and note whether they feel like psychic insight to you. (See Psychic Tips: Connect with Your Psychic Abilities for more about how to distinguish psychic insights).

6. Validate Your Insights

Check each insight against logical information and reality, if possible. This is especially helpful in the early stages of developing psychic abilities. Otherwise, it may be almost impossible to tell how accurate a particular insight is. This is why it's helpful to practice with tests where you can find out the actual answer easily. To try the psychic tests on this site, click here.

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