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Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
Open the Door to the Divine

Connecting with Spirit is less about seeking and finding something, but instead about emptying or setting aside the human part of you momentarily so that you can sense the Divine part of you. Spirit is already in you, at all times. It's just that your mind is distracted away from it much of the time. This is why meditation is such a powerful tool. With practice, you will become very good at setting aside the "humanness" for periods of time so you can directly experience the Divine.

Spirit also flows through other people in ways we can experience and feel it. You may notice that Spirit is present in people who often laugh joyfully, have a "light" attitude, are full of love and caring, and make themselves of service to others as well as taking good care of their own self. In fact, these are keys you can also use to design a way of being that allows Spirit to be the most present with you.

Make a list of "ways to be" and things you do that you feel brings you closer to Spirit. Also, consider trying new things (yoga, creativity, nature, etc.) to see what affect they have, and how close you feel to the Divine. Consider also what is getting in the way of connecting with Spirit. Some culprits might be mindless addictions (too much TV or computer, etc.), foods that interfere with spiritual awareness (sugar, alcohol, foods you're sensitive to, etc.), and self-defeating thoughts (God won't help me, bad things always happen to me, etc.). Pay attention to what lets you feel closer to the Divine, and what closes the door to your spiritual awareness. And along the way, ask for Divine guidance in being more open and aware of experiencing the Divine in yourself and your life… then expect miracles!


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